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...getting a puncture halfway through your trail thrills or in your group ride is also one such emergency, nothing spoils your rhythm and pace like a sudden puncture in your tyres halfway through the ride...

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This is intresting.. looks good as in the event of a punture is will tempoary seal it up and when u change the inner tube, u will discard the entire tube (with the sealant inside) so as to create a less messy situation, as compared to trying to insert a tube into a ruptured tubless tire with sealants leaking here and there.

But if u use this, can u go low PSI for the tire pressure? 

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Posted on: 16th Mar 2017 9:05 PM    Quote and Reply

I myself past 2 years become super regular cyclist as in work/exercise/fun via my MTB and i decided to try Slime smart tubes because some say it's just hype while other swear by them! Happy to report that i never had a punture for 7 mths now and counting! I used to have a flat every month and i feel it's a worthwhile thing to try out to see it it works out for u as it's not pricey at all! I equip my bike with a pump in cases where a punture happens mid ride and even after sealed the pressure loss is a bit much but so far i only ever had to pump once ^^

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