Topic: Errant Roadies (Sentul Cr - Punggol Dr towards Punggol Road)

Posted on: 24th Dec 2016 1:16 PM    Quote and Reply

At about 10.25am today, I was with my family (including two young Children) in the middle of a zebra crossing when a group of roadies assumed in their 50s, traveling from Sentul Crescent towards Punggol Drive approached us.

 The front man of the group and one other did not stop but were brazen enough to whistle at us (signalling to us to give way to them). They rode past us at close proximity.  We were lucky the rest of the pack decided to stop behind the crossing allowing us to finish crossing.

I hope that some members from the group are reading this and would tell off the two black sheep before something unfortuante happens to them that would incovenient the rest of the group and other road users in anyway.

I’ve lodged a police report. With more mounting pressure from the public against errant cyclists, it may come one day cycling be regualated. As a fellow cyclist, I do not wish my ride be inconvenient by more rules. Lets be more responsible road users.

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