Topic: Mother appeals to a cyclist who knocked down her son

Posted on: 14th Jan 2016 4:44 PM    Quote and Reply

This is an open discussion thread for the news Mother appeals to a cyclist who knocked down her son

A mother had appealed for help to locate and find the cyclist who knocked down her three-year old son at a park connector on Sunday morning.


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Posted on: 14th Jan 2016 6:41 PM    Quote and Reply

Reads like that cyclist knew his bicycle to be unroadworthy without brakes, so did not cycle along the road for his own safety. No brake suggest the bicycle to be a fixed-gear (also not roadworthy).

Let us learn to look out for such hazards.

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Posted on: 4th Apr 2016 11:59 AM    Quote and Reply

too much abuse for the park connector.
- parents knowing that is a cycling/ skating/ and etc path but letting their kid run around without being hold on to by the parents.
- will you let your kid run across a road on his own??
- Cyclist knowing that brakeless will cause unable to stop in time or even with brake, you may not stop in time too.
- I know that a bell or horn look ugly on a bike, but at least u can sound out in advance and ensure people spot u.
- however, pedestrian, how many of you do not care of the divider of cycling path and pedestrian walk way? how many really hear the bell or horn and check and give way?
and how many of you really hear and cannot be bother cause you feel pedestrian is always right of way?

Do what u deem is correct and be responsible on your own actions

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Posted on: 4th Apr 2016 3:44 PM    Quote and Reply

All cyclists need to slow down and exercise cautious when you see children nearby.

Regardless of whether you're on the footpath or pcn with divider for pedestrians or cyclists whatnot.
I have experienced a child cycling on my left who suddenly decided to u-turn causing me to jam-brake on pcn before. Good thing I had already slowed down as i approached the kid but it still gives me quite a scare. I am just thankful we are both not hurt nor my bike damaged. This type of 'surprises' will always happen because they are kids. You know how kids are like.....

I have a friend who was hurt (slight bruises) and his bike was badly damaged in order to avoid collision with a kid. End result: kid's parents shrug off responsibilities by saying 'he's just a kid' and were uncontactable after the incident...

The mother of this 3 yr old kid has my empathy - however imho, both parties are responsible for this unfortunate incident. Again, all should exercise reasonable care, judgement and prudence on the pcn/pavement/road.

Ride safe all.

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