Topic: NParks considering first-aid facility on Pulau Ubin for cyclists

Posted on: 9th Apr 2015 11:38 PM    Quote and Reply

This is an open discussion thread for the news NParks considering first-aid facility on Pulau Ubin for cyclists

In a bid to provide prompt medical attention to injured cyclists, Pulau Ubin may be having its very own first-aid facility, according to the National Parks Board (NParks). 

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Posted on: 10th Apr 2015 10:01 AM    Quote and Reply

The problem is that most of the retards who hire bikes there have no clue how to handle them. It is not Nparks nor the Govts responsibility to protect idiots from themselves, 3 or 4 or 5 SCDF responses per year and no fatalities is not an alarming stat anyway. First aid from the cop post is all that is required
Limiting the number of rentals per day would be a better option to stop them crashing into each other if anyone is slightly concerned.

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Posted on: 10th Apr 2015 7:52 PM    Quote and Reply

Mentally retarded people who enjoy crashing with bicycle (thinking its part of the cycling fun) may not be pleased with the first-aid facility. If they are not mentally retarded, they would learn to cycle properly/safely before going there to learn through mistakes/accidents. Sheer waste of efforts on mentlly retarded, or just lip-service? Why not look into conducting proper cycling lessons instead?

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