Topic: Old dog, new tricks

Posted on: 3rd Dec 2018 2:18 PM    Quote and Reply

Hello all,

In my experience, a forum community full of passoinate and knowledgable people is always best when committing to something new - so here goes.

I used to ride BMX trails throughout school and college. Today, after about 13 years of no riding at all, I find myself with a new Specialized Fuse 6fattie at home and a new hobby in front of me. Really looking forward to getting to know Singapore's trails. 

I live near Plaza Singapura and don't drive - so I already know getting around will be a challenge. Any tips from fellow riders? 

And lastly... any tips for a new mountain biker on must-haves? I have my bike... helmet, knee/shins and gloves are on my shopping list before riding. Anything else I shouldn't be without? A good multitool, I'm sure. 

Cheers and look forward to seeing you guys around!
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Do not forget about the lightsVery important, just so when you decide to trail during the afternoon, or just do a night ride. 

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