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I would like to introduce myself briefly. My name is Lutz, I'm from Germany, I am 55 years old (unfortunately) and have been racing bike for almost 10 years. I will move from Hamburg to Singapore at the end of December 2018. And of course my two bicycles (1x road bike and 1x cross bike) come along. So far, I have liked to ride in a larger group and club, usually 90 - 140km long distances. But I also sit alone on the bike for 100km. I also like to ride everybody's street races like in Berlin or the Hamburg Cyclassics. I would be happy if I could find a connection to a group in Singapore that likes to ride a racing bike. And of course I'm happy about tips, routes and events. I hope we see each other.

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Welcome Lutz ^^ Which part of Singapore would you call home this Dec? Well if you could solo 100km then there is nowhere on our small island that is too far for you! Check out the "round island route"
I think for a 1st tour of the island as an overseas cyclist it isn't too bad (in my opinion) if you are a speed demon though be warned that there are walkers, joggers, etc sharing the space? After that depending on where you are located we could suggest road routes and my favourite is ones that lead to delicious food along the way haha

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Welcome Lutz, think what you want is a road cycling group to ride with, since those are where you will find like-minded riders.

Racing and long solo trips are what most of them do.

Facebook is probably where they are currently active so search there and let us know how it goes!

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Road cycling in spore here. Do take note of our tropical weather and RH here. Understanding of our traffic conditions on the road. For road bike groups can be found at thomson areas, where they housed in a few of well known cycling groups. For local bike shops here, not much of worries. And many places to stop overs at kopitiams for kopis and makans. Getting used of our spore slangs and dialects, while interaction with us locals. Keeping an eye of bicycles while going to toilets or convenience stores or so, as bike theft still exists. Happy riding! Hope to see ya on the road. Btw i am not on a roadbike, but on MTB, tour bike and folding bike on PCN, pavements and roads. 

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