Topic: Where to rent a road bike? Or Fixie?

Posted on: 27th Sep 2012 4:29 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi fellow cycling enthusiasts!
My name is Uli, I have been riding most of my life and I'll be moving to SG for the rest of the year.
I'd love to join you on- or off-road, but I'm not sure if it makes sense to ship my bike for 10 weeks all the way from the U.S.

Can you please provide some advice....
1. Is there something like a fixie scene in Singapore? Can you provide connections?
2. Is it feasible to rent a road bike (~60cm) for 10 weeks or just day by day? If so, ca you please provide connections?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Cheers, Uli
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You are a tall dude, 60cm road bikes are quite rare here..most road bikes here 52cm - 55cm.

Most rental shops here rent for hourly at parks, sometimes they may do overnite rental...but have not seen any that rents for 10 weeks. Most of these are harditail mtbs in the low and mid-range series and usually small or med size.

Road bike rental is not common...Some bike shops may loan(rent) you a road bike for a specific event, but not for 10 weeks.

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Not worth it to rent a bike such a long duration.

A fixie cost around 400-600 in Singapore.  The rental for the bike per day, an estimate of 50 dollars.  Ten days and you = 50 * 10 days = 500.  Maybe you can get cheaper rite. 

Why not just ship your bike over and PLEASE TAKE NOTE of the rising bike thefts in Singapore and good luck cycling here in Singapore.

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Posted on: 12th Oct 2012 5:23 PM    Quote and Reply

Bike theft in Singapore is primitive compared to what they have in USA, esp New York. Scary videos on youtubes.

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Posted on: 16th Nov 2019 4:23 PM    Quote and Reply

Digging up an old post but it seems we have road bike for rent! Even long term:

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