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Hello everyone,

I have been looking at bikes and reading them up. However, I still got no idea about it. Currently, I am looking for a bike that can be used for leisure cycling as well as doing grabfood (probably good to be able to put a rack and those 40L pannier bag) so it need to be a bike that's stable and yet light at the same time.

Is there any bike that you guys can recommend? I was looking at Giant scape as well as the Tough Road. Is there any bike that is recommended for people who is relatively newbie in riding, yet want start riding more often through doing grab food?

I ride previously a MTB but it's quite heavy and I couldn't ride very far with it..usually got really tired after riding to east coast park..so hoping to upgrade my bike to a better lighter one.
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believe it or not my 1st bike i cycled into Malaysia from my home is a HT MTB and yes compared to a road bike it is less efficient if one is plying thru roads and pavements but i feel with a locked out front suspension it wasn't too bad if one is not looking to break speed records haha anyway ^^ I've looked at Giant Toughroad offerings for 2020 and from reviews they are priced between $1.1-1.8k USD? If you live near a Decathlon Store why not test ride the Triban RC 500? it comes with 28mm tires as is and max 36mm is good to go so i feel as a rigid fork + disc brake commuter it is comfy enuff yet more efficient than most mtb/hybrids?
also unloaded it the weight is quoted as

XS: 10.6 kg
S: 10.6 kg
M: 10.6 kg
L: 10.6 kg
XL: 10.6 kg"

Decathlon also provides repair services for its bikes so continued maintenance could be an issue as a newbie? They may even sell you models with racks pre installed FOC or at clearance prices ^^

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