Topic: Vert v8 disc brake issue/problem

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As per the title Vert v8 disc brake issue/problem, did go to LBS but unable to help much.

Anyone got same experience and how to solve and fix it. When just turn my handlebar got the squeaking noise from the rotor or disc brake. Move or push my bike also cause the squeaking noise. Please assist

Trek 3.1 Madone

FSA Carbon Crankset

FSA Carbon Flat handle-bar

2 x 10 speeds

Planet-X hub/wheel
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Posted on: 13th Mar 2019 9:14 AM    Quote and Reply

Check if your rotor disc is bent by spinning the wheel and view it from the side.

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Posted on: 17th Mar 2019 11:41 AM    Quote and Reply

You need this and some youtube videos on how to true your rotor.


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