Topic: Newbie: Just got an upgraded Vert 8

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Hey guys, I'm new to cycling and just got myself a foldable Vert V8 (upgraded). I got the 9 speed one, with narrow tyres while the rest are stock parts. 

Im loving how it rides so far, very light and convenient. But I'm interested in how I should maintain it. Do I have to grease the foldable mechanisms? How often should I pump the tyres. And what kind of grease/oil should I get for the chains and stuff. Is there a standard maintainence package i can get that contains all the grease and oil i would need to maintain my parts (cause there are so many brands out thr).

And lastly, im interested in knowing what parts I should upgrade next. Im looking to make the ride feel smoother and the bike lighter (it currently weighs 11kg). The switching of the gears feels abit clanky at times too, but overall it is okay. Thanks!
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Posted on: 6th Mar 2019 9:46 AM    Quote and Reply

For lubing chains everyone has their own "system" and for me that would be every 100-150 km? However if caught in rain would wash entire bike down and re-lube ^^ For shiftting becoming less smooth can be a variety of reasons such as

1) Shifting need to be indexed/adjusted (no hardware needed)
2) Cable housing and/or shifter cable issue, needs replacement
3) Front chainring/s, chain or cassette worn out, needs replacement

For #3 i once had a 3 x 9 MTB HT and noticed the chainring i mostly am on (middle) started to give me "chain suck" especially when doing climbs! When i tested riding on the biggest chainring the issue stopped so i knew that its time to replace the middle chainring....

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