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Hi, I’m new here and would like to seek some recommendations from the pros. Looking to get folding bikes for my husband, my 8yo son and myself. Will need to attach a child seat to one bike for my 3yo son too. So far, we’ve been going to ECP and renting the bikes there over the weekends or OFO during weekday evenings at a park near our place. We drive to the locations so we mainly do leisure riding and plan to ride at PCNs once we get our own bikes. No riding on roads as we don’t dare to ride on roads with kids. I did read some of the threads here and in other forums but I’m still confused on which bikes to get haha! Some advise better to go for ex bikes, some say not necessary as it’s only for leisure riding. Our budget is around $1.5k for 3 bikes. Your comments/recommendations will be very much appreciated!
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