Topic: Tern Verge X11 anyone has comments or opinions on it?

Posted on: 13th Feb 2017 3:30 PM    Quote and Reply

Thinking of purchasing this bike model. But im pretty new.

Anyone has comments on this bike? The reliability of the brand, components and all?

It's such a new bike and I can't find any reviews on it.

Thanks in advance!

Link to bike:
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Posted on: 13th Feb 2017 10:20 PM    Quote and Reply

Its a performance foldie..if it suits your riding style. Sleek geometry, sporty 451 wheelset couple with 42t cogs..makes climbing easier. Can go very fast

Only gripe i have are the hydro brakes...i understand that this bike can achieve really high speed and needs an enormous amt of brake power, is it really necessary? wont gravity brake callipers suffice? it may also get in the way of folding in terms of the hose and brake rotors

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Posted on: 14th Feb 2017 9:49 AM    Quote and Reply

Thanks for the reply! Are hydraulic brakes the best options out there? Might be over kill, but still the best right?

Your are they really hard to maintain?

How's tern like as a brand, reliable?

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Posted on: 14th Feb 2017 5:53 PM    Quote and Reply

Hydraulic brakes are great in wet weather and overall stopping power. However they can be a bit too much when the ground is slippery. But this is something that the rider needs to adjust to.

The jury is out regarding the relevance of disk brakes for road-going bicycles. For mountain bikes, this is a no-brainer. However do road bikes really need it? Depends... 

If you ride a lot in wet and dirty conditions, disk brakes work best. Rim brakes aren't ideal in such conditions.

Maintenance wise, i have zero issues with hydraulic brakes on both my mountain bikes. Bear in mind I do a lot of trails and the brakes are under constant abuse and muddy conditions.

On the other hand, the Shimano 105 rear brake on my road bike has frozen solid and needs to be replaced. Braking in wet weather is also sketchy at best. The wife has a Tern P18 which uses V-brakes. Stopping power is good, but it needs constant adjustment.

Which is best? Your call...

Tern is a reputable brand from Taiwan. On par with Dahon. Quality is good and you will not go wrong with a Tern.

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Posted on: 16th Feb 2017 10:22 AM    Quote and Reply

Tern is a very good brand.  You won't go wrong buying one.

The Verge x11 is brand new.  I'd love to try one.  I have 451 wheels on my Air Friday, and appreciate the higher gearing than you get from 406 wheels.  The fold size is essentially the same.

I like mechanical disc brakes on road bikes.  Hydraulics seem like overkill on the road, and more effort to maintain.

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Posted on: 16th Feb 2017 6:49 PM    Quote and Reply

Stock 10-42T gearing. That's super low. Even the standard Sram Force 1 Groupset is 11-36T. This also explains why a Sram X1 RD was used. This setup means you have very very big jump btw gears. Perhaps this was built with hill climbing in mind or long distance touring with huge variance in elevation.

Race tuned geometry? This is marketing. However I do believe it does improve the stiffness of the frame. Only thing is we are dealing with foldies here. There's no such thing as 1 size fits all. 

Dun get me wrong, Tern makes v good foldies. I own 2 in fact. Just my honest opinion based on reading the specs sheet. 

Thanks for reading. 

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Posted on: 4th Jan 2018 7:00 AM    Quote and Reply

As lucky owner of this black-bird for around 4 months now, can say that this Verge X11 is one scary-fast machine. After riding it a few times you'll understand that it perfectly build and balanced for two things: blazingly fast speed and crazy grip with Schwalbe One tires.
It is a great machine in all aspects and definitely very dangerous one as you'll soon find yourself at speeds of 50-60 km/h+, where a minor mistake in handling or corner approach can be fatal for you.
Still have Link P9 for about 4 years now, I love Tern products, they are a pure joy to ride. Great service too, so if you have the buck, get one of their birds!
I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

My 4 y.o. Link P9 gen. 1:


and a new Verge X11:




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