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Posted on: 15th Apr 2015 11:38 AM    Quote and Reply

Need all expert out there to enlighten. Can a single speed/Fixie bike be converted to a multi speed bike. Just like the colourful colour combination but not in single or fixie. 
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Posted on: 22nd Apr 2015 5:06 PM    Quote and Reply

Fixed gear bikes have track Fork Ends, unlike other bikes that can accomodate gearing systems.

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Posted on: 22nd Apr 2015 6:38 PM    Quote and Reply

Geared frame convert to Single speed can, with the addition of cog spacers & chain tensioner. See my marketplace bike for sale.

Single speed/Fixie frame do not have the dropout to mount rear derailleur & frame has no lugs to route cables for Front dérailleur. Some Fixie frame/fork do not have recess to mount brakes. 

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