Topic: Dahon Dove or Hachiko HA-03 for a child

Posted on: 22nd Mar 2015 10:33 AM    Quote and Reply

hi, just saw a good deal


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Posted on: 24th Apr 2015 4:42 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by lynn.soh.3: Thanks all. My girl tried the Dahon Dove and although it's bigger than what she's used to, she's ok on it. We went down to try the Java X1 too, but they just took a look at my girl and said it's too big for her so she couldn't try to ride it.

Possibly afraid she'll crash and damage their bike although both parents are with her. Oh well..
I can't find anywhere that sells the Java X1 other than cyclelogy. Anyone? Javabikes ironically replied that they are not carrying Java bikes and not restocking any time soon."

Hi Lynn,

Sorry for the misunderstanding we may have caused during your visit here with us last month. We just would like to clarify that we have demo bikes ready for humps and bumps and they are meant to for test rides for our customers. Customers need not be worried about "crashing and damaging" our bikes as we have an in-house mechanic.

That said, do let us know if you have any specific feedback regarding this issue or in general.

We thank you for evaluating our bikes back then, and certianly hope you are having a great time with your family!

Thank you and best regards.

From [email protected] 

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Posted on: 27th Apr 2015 5:23 PM    Quote and Reply

I suggest a Dahon Dove over a Hachiko - it's a relatively popular bike that can be used by adults too. Never heard anything good about the Hachiko - I doubt it's worth saving a bit of money to get a low quality bike that will affect ride performance and be a safety hazard.

I've nothing against cheap bikes, but at least get one that has good word-of-mouth. 

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