Topic: tern eclipse p18 vs montague x50 vs Dahon vitesse p18

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Hi guys,

Im looking to buy my first foldie all three bikes have 18 speed.
found vitesse 2nd hand for ard 800 and x50 abt the same price. Which one is better? or should i just save abit more and get the eclipse?

Im looking for 18speed min, portable, Long distance, and sould be able to place traveller's pannier rack.

Any advise? 
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All of these bikes are good, and also has pros and cons. you did not state what kinda terrain that you will mostly travel on, hence i assume thats either road or PCN.

dahon viteese
1) can foldup and take public transport if need be.
2) light and sturdy, not heavy
3) able to attached racks, front truss...etc
4) its 2nd hand, hence theres no warranty from LBS. I think LBS no longer bringing in this model, do check first.
5) not so comfortable on uneven road, tracks ...etc , small wheel hence need to peddle more (u get the idea)


1) folding is good , unique from dahon and montague
2) bigger tires better speed and comfort
3) able to take a more punishement on uneven roads
4) best parts among the 3
5) 24" wheel, may not be able to take public transport
6) expensive
7) 24" tubes not easy to find, have to stock up 


1) comfortable, good for long distance ,uneven roads/tracks and such as it has suspension fork
2) rugged
3) cannot take public transport
4) heaviest bike among the 3

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