Topic: Recommend Touring bike

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any suggestion with the budget below 1k? 
Terrain: City,light trail
Exploring indon laos
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Posted on: 9th Mar 2015 5:09 PM    Quote and Reply

Get a hybrid bike with a rear rack. There's plenty of sub $1k hybrids which are perfectly suited for city and light trails.

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Posted on: 19th Mar 2015 12:51 PM    Quote and Reply

I have been riding a Fuji TOuring since mid 2013 
Had BYX lbs ship it in
sweet comfortable cro-mo ride and 2015 color scheme is sweet
I think price is a little cheaper now


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Surly Troll or Ogre - if you want a more dirt road/ offroad orientated bike, Surly long haul trucker if you want a more traditional road touring bike. You should be able to get an entry level build for slightly over $1K, that will be good to start with. You can replace wheels / parts as they wear or when you want something a little more heavy duty for a longer tour.
Cheap Aluminium hybrids generally don't have the all the attachment points for heavy racks and panniers, a lot tend to be very stiff with a harsh ride on bad roads / light dirt roads, I did a couple of short tours on a Scott hybrid several years back it was OK for  3 or 4 days but I find my Surly is much more comfortable for 6 to 8 hour saddle days.

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