Topic: Looking to buy handlebar for foldie

Posted on: 6th Mar 2015 6:50 PM    Quote and Reply

I am looking to buy a handle bar for my foldie.
The shape I prefer are:
(1) a W-shape, like those retro bicycles, or
(2) with a riser, or
(3) a bull-horn.

It should be reasonably light, preferably aluminium and not too crazily-expensive.
Anyone with suggestions on which shops I should go visit? Much appreciated, thank you.     
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Posted on: 9th Mar 2015 1:07 AM    Quote and Reply

unless you wanna change the handlebar stem. Do take note the handlebar diameter is 25.8mm and not a standard 31.8mm. and length should be around 600mm any longer and you may not be able to fold the bike properly. Try MBS, mighty velo or REcycle shop that is near simlim area

1)  practically never see any type with 25.8 diameter or within 600mm in length
2) very rare for 25.8 diameter
3) still can find


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Posted on: 20th Mar 2015 8:32 AM    Quote and Reply

A folding Bike normally the size of the clamping area for handle bar is 25.4mm

if you are changing to a standard oversize bar 31.8mm then will be much easiler to locate a bar with different shape and size.

but you are looking for a W shape bar? which i think is the one i saw at Wheeler YArd.

those look like roadie drop bar but with more curvy shape i believe. you can try go and see

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Posted on: 20th Mar 2015 6:29 PM    Quote and Reply

Got a question to ride on this thread, hope TS don't mind. If I get a new handlebar say the Litepro spirit, its default length is 580mm. If I want to shorten it to say abt 560mm or 540mm where can I do it? Or it's not advisable to do so? Thanks.

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Posted on: 22nd Mar 2015 11:30 PM    Quote and Reply

I got a Litepro aluminium handlebar and shorten it by sawing off both ends. Just get a smaĺl metal hacksaw and do it slowly at starting to ensure the cut is align else may need to file abit. Its quite easy to saw as the aluminium is soft.

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