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By any measure, Aleoca bikes have traditionally been perceived as lower-end bikes that can, at best, perform a milk-run to the nearest supermarket. Judging from the affordable price-tags and their abundance in hypermarkets, this might be true to a large extent. However, faced with increased competition in the two-wheeled trade, things have changed for Aleoca Pro Singapore Pte Ltd, the company that designs, manufactures and distributes Aleoca bikes. Having underwent several transformations within the company, Aleoca has kept up with the cadence of the peloton of bike-makers in the two-wheeled industry, successfully detaching itself from the stigma of being the maker of low-end bikes.

In the year 2014,ALEOCA picked up the sponsorship of the Kenyan Riders, a cycling team from Iten, Kenya. Where Aleoca build individual racing bicycles for each of the competitive riders.


The home-grown company, which owns more than 60,000 square feet of warehouse and factory space in both Singapore and China, has over the past three years, repositioned its products to cater to more riders from the mid-entry and racing classes. To support such a transformation, Aleoca inked a professional sponsorship deal with the Kenyan Riders, a four-man cycling team from Kenya, where each rider trains and races on Aleoca carbon bikes that are customised and built according to his specific performance needs. Since 2014, the Aleoca-funded team has conquered several Asia-held races such as the 2014 Taiwan King Of Mountain and the 2014 Tour de Bintan. In many ways, the sponsorship helped charted Aleoca's direction towards building pro-level bikes with cutting-edge technology and race-class performance.

Vento X AB2630-DR13 Aleoca Deorex|30 Speed Full Carbon Pro MTB


Although Aleoca has turned up its competitive knob, it remains a company that has a deeply-rooted belief that cycling is a way of life and no one should be denied the chance to own a bicycle. With an established supply chain and distribution system, Aleoca stays true to its core principle of building affordable and quality bikes for every type of cyclist.

Education First Profit Second

Very few people will know that Aleoca's greatest aspiration is for every cyclist to understand the importance of bike fit. Bike fit, or simply fitting a bicycle to a rider, is a vital activity during the bike acquisition stage because the right frame and the right equipment will make way for endless riding comfort. Get the wrong frame with the wrong geometry and you will be cursing under your breath from point to point.

At the Aleoca's flagship store at Pasir Panjang, the interesting feature about it is not with the wide variety of bike and accessories that one can choose from. Rather, customers who step into the concept store are warmly invited to undergo a bike fitting session. There, staff will take the physical measurements of the rider before figuring out the frame size that are appropriate for the rider's profile.

Vento X AB70020-W13 Aleoca Velocita Vassolo|20-Speeds Amateur Pro Carbon Fiber Racing Bike 

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I personally feel that if a brand places a strong emphasis on education and bike fit, they shouldn't be marketing their products through hypermarkets, where knowledgeable assistance is practically non-existent.

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it seems to take its inspiration from diamond back and mongoose brands, where there are low end models to high end models being sold

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