Topic: Would not suggest The Bike Settlement.. [video attached]

Posted on: 15th Jan 2015 11:44 PM    Quote and Reply

I purchased a bike from The Bike Settement yesterday and and turned out to be defective..
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Posted on: 16th Jan 2015 12:58 PM    Quote and Reply

pedals only, i thought handlebar, seatpost or worst frame. Okay 2 things u can do:

1) check that loose pedal, on the pedal theres should be a marking or whether its L (left) or R (right). It should be R (right side). if its not, check the other pedal, if its R, then the mechanic is reversed the order, take both out and re screw it in.

2) the drive side is suppose to be screwed clockwise when tightening. use size 15 spanner

if both still fail, go back there lor, still under warranty and your bike is foldie. not so bad

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