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Posted on: 31st Jul 2014 7:06 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi there

Has anyone heard of these guys - suryabike.com?

Their prices are low, very low, which makes me question if they are legit.

Anyone have any info or experience of them?

They list their address as:

Surya Bike Pte Ltd - Singapore
# 112 E Coast Rd,
Singapura 428802

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Posted on: 31st Jul 2014 7:25 PM    Quote and Reply

112 east coast road is just near 112 katong. You can check out the place and see if there is really a shop there. The owner of the website is from Indonesia. Need to be a bit more careful as there are quite a number of scam sites from Indonesia recently. 

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Posted on: 31st Jul 2014 8:10 PM    Quote and Reply

SCAM and not a very well done one at that; the website is like a primary school project
I'll bet:
- No legal entity registered entity with ACRA
- Address will either be a building site, mall or warehouse complex
- Indonesian Bank to send cash to 

Should be a sticky on this shit, evrey few weeks a new one shows up and somebody is tempted by the stupidly low prices

Tom - just type Indonesian Scam or Scam website or just Scam in the forum search all you need to know will appear

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Posted on: 2nd Aug 2014 2:08 PM    Quote and Reply

Thanks both - thought as much!

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