Topic: Road bike or Hybird?

Posted on: 25th Jul 2014 8:57 PM    Quote and Reply

I've been doing a lot of indoor cycling at the gym, and I've been wanting to ride outdoors. To work for now and maybe some where down the road i might go for cycling events.

Can someone recommend me what kind of bike will suit me beter? I may not go onto the road so often for now. Was told by someone that I should get a hybird instead.

Any recommendation for a hybird bike that is selling below $700? And what should I take note of when I'm getting one?

Or would you guys suggest me to get something else besides hybird?
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Posted on: 26th Jul 2014 2:37 AM    Quote and Reply

i am a newbie i can only give a little advise...if u want a more long distance cycling get a road bike, less comfortable but faster. if u want more comfortable than get a hybrid, hybrid has flat bar which give more up right position like on mtb and is can fast like road bike, but still will lose the speed to road bike... 

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Posted on: 26th Jul 2014 12:29 PM    Quote and Reply

Is polygon flatbar roadbike consider as hybrid ? 

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Posted on: 26th Jul 2014 4:43 PM    Quote and Reply

Hybrid is marketing term from about 6 or 7 years ago; they were essentially cheapish bikes marketed as the type of bike that can do both offroad and on tarmac which was true to a point. Reality is that they are basically leisure bikes for PCN type use - marginally better than a road bike offroad and marginally better than an MTB on road but in reality crap for both. 

They were basically frames that had a road bike geometry but took 135mm mountain rear hubs and had  MTB / Touring gear ratios; the higher end came with disc brakes and pointless suspension forks. If you intend to ride on the road at some point in the future and are quite keen on riding with fast groups get a road bike -
if you purely want to ride on PCN's for leisure with the kids etc get a flat bar comfy type of thing.
You can get a roadbike that is not set up too aggressive and uncomfortable for a beginner. Something like a specialized Roubaix that will take 28 to 30mm tires for initial comfort is a good idea - if you are not used to riding on roads  20 to 23mm slicks at 100+psi are going to feel a little harsh.

Nowadays thankfully they seem to have stopped calling them hybrids,  stopped putting shitty offroad tires and garbage sus forks instead giving them slickish narrower tires, a tighter roadie style gearing spread and started calling them flatbar road bikes. They are basically bikes for tarmac with a relaxed riding position 

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Posted on: 26th Jul 2014 7:14 PM    Quote and Reply

I believe an entry level road bike cost slightly more than a hybrid, but more suitable for commuting to work, leisure.
It took me 10 minutes reach my near workplace nearby this morning (almost 30 minutes to walk).

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