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Posted on: 3rd Sep 2009 9:57 PM    Quote and Reply

is there anywhere i can get a gd MTB bike that is less <$350?

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Posted on: 23rd May 2014 4:34 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by roadbikenoob:

2. Cannondale Asia = Nice rides, browse on your own till you ask. Quite good and comfortable too.

I will never visit ever again
1. Cycle Craft = Service is poor, the guy (70s hairstyle covering ear) doesn't even have basic courtesy to stand up when talking to customer, anything you ask him as a customer, he shoots you off by saying you can get the answer off the internet everywhere. The girl is much more friendly though I don't have much luck with her. I came here with the firm intention to buy a Scott CR-1 but I decided to pass it to the 1st shop i listed as thumbs up, I don't mind spending a bit more, to get better service and also an equivalent bike from T3.


Funny how we all have different experiences. I will never vist Cannondale again, much for the same reasons you reject Cycle Craft. Questionable service and absolutely no after service. Over priced. One you're out of the door you're forgotten. And ladies beware... the Euro owner has wonderging hands...

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$350 cannot get anything good in LBS but in togo maybe can get a nice second hand bike.
But sometimes need to wait for the bike to be put on sale and must grab fast.FCFS....
Went to cannondale before and sale staff don't know much about bikes,all enquries must ask
the mechanic.RODA is good and always have sales but limited parts avail.
T3 got lots of parts,some very high end also have but not cheap.service good.
Some just went in never ask see liao run.

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