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Topic: Paratrooper Folding Bike By Montague Bikes - Where to find ?

Posted on: 18th Feb 2007 10:59 PM    Quote and Reply

Hello, anyone knows which shop here distributes Montague Bikes?

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Posted on: 24th Feb 2007 6:02 PM    Quote and Reply


I own one Montague mountain bike sold under the name Hummer Tactical Bike.

There is no Montague distributor in Singapore, I'm afraid you'd have to order one from the internet.  The price for the bike is reasonably affordable, just that one needed to pay for the freight fee.

By the way, the Hummer bike which I own doesn't seem to meet my expectation.  I'm planning to buy an Airnimal folding bike soon........

Just curious, why do you want to buy a foldable bike?  As for me, I have two folding bikes, the other being a Dahon Matrix 26" mountain bike.  I keep either my Hummer or Matrix in my car so that I can ride my bike as and when I feel like doing so.

If you'd like to 'test ride' my Hummer bike, do feel free to PM me, I'm more than happy to let you have a feel of the bike (before you actually order the bike via internet).







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Posted on: 26th Feb 2007 2:34 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi there,

 I ride a Paratrooper (posted pics in here toocoz i love my bike :P).

Got it from Sheares Marketing (Beach Rd, Opp Shaw) in 2005 i think. They sell knives and niche millitary gears. I'm not sure if they still have stocks (a pal of mine enquired last year and they still have it).


Sheares Marketing

43 Beach Rd #01-00 Singapore 189681
Tel : 6333-0138
Fax : 6333-0139



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Posted on: 26th Feb 2007 1:59 PM    Quote and Reply

thanks guys!

i have PMed you seperately!

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