Topic: Advice for choosing a Trek Hybrid for beginner ?

Posted on: 1st May 2019 12:33 PM    Quote and Reply

Not really a hardcore cyclist, rode a $150 NTUC bicycle for years. Want to officially invest in a good bike. Decided to go with Trek, 3 main models are Dual sport 2 ($799), Fx 2-Disc ($739) and Verve 2($699). I will mainly be riding inside east coast park so a hybrid seems to fit the cycling path/grass/dirt pavements. However Treknology also sells older models at discounted prices ranging from $500 to $600 like FX1, DS 1 and verve 1. After researching, there are alot of considerations like hydraulic brakes, suspension or not, shimano vs non-shimano pedals. Are the older models discounted because the parts are already worn from age ? Or simply clearing old stocks ? Which one would you recommend ? 2019 versions or older versions and which model.
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Posted on: 2nd May 2019 5:40 PM    Quote and Reply

Well its good that you know the terrain you would be cycling on mostly and yes i would think a hybrid with front suspension or rigid fork works out nicely for your intended purpose! Do u happen to live near a Decathlon store? If so why not test ride the Riverside 900?
I did and found it a very comfotable bike and with really sensible options like #1 hydraulic disc brakes and #2 11-40T wide range cassete default (no hill to steep locally) #3 plush 700 x 38c tires which make the bike really comfy and stable for roads, pcns, etc and light offroad i imagine ^^

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Posted on: 6th May 2019 1:29 PM    Quote and Reply

Brand-wise, Trek is considered high-end so you would be safe getting any of their Hybrid range. Most locals buy one high-end roadie as their only bike, so not much insight would be found here. Alot of Ang mors have Trek hybrids as you can see them on ECP often, thus, safe to say it's still rather popular and these guys are quite fast also. FX Line for speed, Dual Sport Line for more MTB style etc. Since you ride PCN only, a hybrid is probably the fastest and safest bike on any PCN. Not to mention you can cut through grass, dirt, fallen branches anytime. It's basically a versatile roadie with a flat-bar in my opinion.

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