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Hi Guys, Just wanted to ask a simple question. Can a road bike change the handle to the normal type like a those straight bar....?
Thanks for any advise 
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We posted this topic on our facebook forum and we got these following answers: 

Ivan Tan: I think it depends on the geometry of the Bicycle frame itself, and the preference of the rider's fitting position.

Steve Elmore: Of course it can. Making your own creation is a lot of fun and quite rewarding. My daily ride (in Holland) is a very old junked Peugeot road frame that I found in an Amsterdam alley with pringled wheels, etc. I made it into a fixie with the drive train flipped over to the left side, just for fun. I love this bike.

If you do want to see this post, be part of the group and get immediate answers right there and then :) 


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Can but you would probably have to get compatible shifter/brake levers because flat bar area to fasten levers is 22.2mm as opposed to 23.8mm for dropbars ^^

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Yes. Most bike shops can do it, DIY only if you're really good as it's a safety concern. 

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