Topic: Need some advice for first road bike

Posted on: 13th Aug 2016 4:38 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by CJL98:
I've considered that before, however I'm not a big fan of its paint job tbh :P it's a carbon frame but doesn't give me the vibes that the alu tcr and caad 10 does!  
Hey, if you are ever able to test ride the merida scultura 400 can you help compare the ride to the CAAD10 and Giant tcr SLR ? would really appreciate it"

Hi I might go down to test the Merida soon, will update you when Ive done it. I test rided the CAAD 10 and CAAD 12 today, the CAAD 12 was just a tad "smoother" to ride, but 95% both felt the same to me. But dont take my words for it though, Im not experienced and the best is for yourself to test it out. Tay cycle unfortunately does not allow test rides, so i cant compare them ):

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Posted on: 19th Sep 2016 6:00 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi frozzberg
Did U tested the latest Scultura 400?
How was it?

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