Topic: Bike transport in ferry to bintan

Posted on: 11th Nov 2014 4:29 PM    Quote and Reply

I am looking for the wrap also.i saw a lot Singapore riders using it on Melaka Century Ride. Where can I get those??? & how munch it cost per set ? thk

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Posted on: 13th Nov 2014 8:12 AM    Quote and Reply

try bike 360...our group bought from them and used it for TdB 2014

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Posted on: 14th Nov 2014 10:09 AM    Quote and Reply

My bike was stored at the aft of the ferry.

Unfortunately, it was blessed (splashed) with so much sea-water. When I retrieve the bike from Bike depot, some screws has rusted.

Makes me wonder, whwy must I pay them for bike slot to store my bicycle in the open?

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