Topic: Knee Injury - Bike Fitting?

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Hopefully you can claim medical expenses from your bicycle insurance, if you haven you can try Etiqa personal mobility, got it for $78 only and i think u already spend more than $78 already lol. 

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Posted on: 29th May 2019 12:54 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by Cervelo: I am currently recovering from a right knee injury - minor swelling (subsided) and popping sound when I flex my knee fully.

Doc suspects that it could be due to overstrain or bike setup. I was wondering if a bike fitting session would help.

Does anyone have any experience and recommendations for my injury/bike fitting?

Bike fit can be among possible causes. Can check if your diet, cycling techniques are compatible. Exampe: too ambitious in training practice, and/or lack of recovery. Hope these help.

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"Formerly posted by Stef88: Im a firm believer of bike fitting. Riding is a continous and rotating action that goes on for hours. If the bike is not fitted right, long term injuries can and will develop, not to mention any other physical discomforts while riding.
Getting a bike fit should be the very first thing new or even experienced riders should do.
Advantages includes,
-knowing the actual bike size and set up for you, so if you are in the market for a new bike, dan you can make the right choice in size.
- prevent any potential injuries to you - esp if you intend to take up riding seriously and will be putting in the mileage.
- improve your riding posture and also your riding timing and endurance. With a proper fitted bike, you can go longer distance with less discomfort and even ride faster.

That said, since we will all improve with continuos riding and hard work, you may need to return for another fitting once you feel you have developed more flexibility and have difference riding goals.
Its a continuous process and will prob need more tweaking in time to come.

I bike fit all my new bikes, even if i know the configurations, i still prefer to leave it to the expertso on my bike set up.

Plus, some fitters really charge very reasonalble rates....

Cheers n happy riding"
I believe any bike fitter can help only when we are at their shop. Should we put on or lost some weight. Some minute re-alignment may make it more comfortable. Example: I used to be much heavier, and stiff. After dropping some weight, the bike fit feels like its more dedicated to me.

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