Topic: North Eastern Riders! Females & Males!

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Hiya, we have quite a number of male riders already so would prefer to have more female riders joining us, otherwise it would defeat the purpose of my initial ad and became a male cycling group 😅

So I'm not accepting any requests from male riders anymore. Thanks for the interest! Pretty sure there are other similar bike groups that you can explore and join :) 

"Formerly posted by Pixiemae: Hey hey, hoping to know more riders (preferably with fixies, vintage single speeds, road bikes but other bikes are welcome too!) to ride togetherLooking at a more mature age range, above 25 onwards with a good mix of FEMALESplease no riders with youngster thinking who like to chiong, ride recklessly, turn on loud music etc.

I ride a fixie (probably too old for fixie haha) but too casual for road cycling (I don't wear the full cycling gear, just a sneakers girl :p). I'm only into casual long rides mostly along PCN or bike friendly pathways. I try not to go on roads unless unavoidable as I don't wear a helmet. 

For short rides, I ride along punggol PCN or leading to Pasir Ris, and occasionally all the way to mbs via changi point, coastal and ecp. 

I prefer evening to late night cycling (depending on that night's route and distance) but I'm open to morning weekend rides too. 

Apart from riding, makan is also my favoriteso yeah, ride and eat and repeat haha. If you share all the above sentiments as I do, drop me a pm with your number as I am thinking to set up a group chat either in whatsapp or telegram (will update in pm).

Ride safe!"

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