Topic: Taking the 12yr old Gimp out of retirement.

Posted on: 2nd Mar 2019 11:16 PM    Quote and Reply

Hi all, after 12 years, I've dusted off my On-one Gimp and decided to ride again. Surprisingly it's still in good shape after being in storage for so long.
Steel frame still good, minimal rusting only on scratched parts of the frame.
Marzocchi bomber z5 still works, smooth, no sticking
Shimano hone brakes are dead, suspect they just need a rebleed
Singlespeed setup, kmc chain rusted but only surface  Still turns without problems. E thirteen chain ring still looks new
Nokian gazzalodi tires, 26*2.6 front and 24*3 rear still looks like a monster, tubes still holding air. But I see cracks already in the tire casing.

Anyways, I wanna get this bike up and running again as my commuter bike. Been out of the bike scene for too long and lost tough with pricing. Can anyone can give me rough estimate costs for getting the following:

  • Rebleed of shimano brakes

  • 24" tire (where to find locally?) 

  • Shimano m6000 brake set (in case my current brakes cannot be saved

Thanks for any assistance. Will try to upload a photo of the bike. 

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