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Posted on: 19th Sep 2018 6:45 PM    Quote and Reply

Hello all! I am a beginner looking for a MTB. I recently saw a mtb at decathlon, the rock rider 520. Is this a good bike for $499? It looks really cool but I am not sure about the specs. There is a park connector that can lead me to Bukit Timah, was thinking if this would be the right bike for me. Is it true I can't get any decent ones if my budget don't go beyond $1000?
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Posted on: 20th Sep 2018 12:15 AM    Quote and Reply

Greetings and Salutations ^^ Well let us know your height (frame size) and max budget you are setting aside for a MTB? Well since u mentioned a PCN : are you also considering going offroad as well? If offroad is a rare thing i would say stick to Hardtail MTBs with lockable front fork suspension?

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