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Hi all, 

Recently I've been cycling long distances, for example Punggol to Pasir Ris and back to Punggol, with my friends using ofo/obikes where we usually ride on different terrains (mostly roads and PCN but we also head to places like cony island) and as you guessed it.. bumpy rides everywhere

My friends have all encouraged me to buy a bike and I really do but I have a tight budget of less than $400 so I would love to hear some suggestions from you all, something comfortable and can bring me long distances without feeling as tired

I'm below 180cm in height so hopefully the bike could fit me xd
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Hmm long distance cycling... don’t think budget of $400 can get you a good comfortable long distance bike. 

Check this cycling video out

You might want to check out the bike used in the above long distance ride. 

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Hmm i go thru Coney Island lots of times and i feel a rigid/hard tail MTB/hybrid or a Cyclocross with thickish tires would breeze through it but $400 you'd be looking at the former in the used market?For an all terrain bike i would pick commuter friendly tires with less aggresive threads and if you are between 1.75-1.8 m i think you could straddle between M and L sized frames?

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usually what would be a good budget ah? i thinking of buying an off road bike too but not really sure how much

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