Folding, Mini-Velos, Commuter Bikes

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Upgrade to Internal Gear Hub from Rear Deraileur System  Edit  Delete  Stream832 26th Oct 2016 1:22 PM by theexalted
Merida Flight 50  Edit  Delete  tankh76 21st Oct 2016 5:16 PM by tankh76
Tern Link C8 vs Dahon Vitesse D8 vs Tern Link N8
[Pages 1 2 ]  Edit  Delete 
erictl76 21st Oct 2016 4:23 PM by erictl76
Woho flying fenders  Edit  Delete  alvin1788 20th Oct 2016 6:40 PM by tyrant18
Java tt-7s-d upgradable parts?  Edit  Delete  jy.yj 20th Oct 2016 3:08 AM by thepugilistic
Seeking advice to purchase Tern D16, Dahon Horize, Travelo FS-D or MIT Pro F1
[Pages 1 2 ]  Edit  Delete 
ChroniclesOLife 18th Oct 2016 8:46 PM by brightanvil
Garcia Paseo Foldie  Edit  Delete  dumbobear 13th Oct 2016 12:25 PM by tyrant18
Please recommend a nice LBS for servicing/repairing foldie  Edit  Delete  seowhaha 12th Oct 2016 7:05 PM by SgtJoe86
Sunday relax ride...
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twwoon 11th Oct 2016 8:06 PM by andy2010
Converting 90s MTB into commuter bike  Edit  Delete  Puaylim 11th Oct 2016 3:47 PM by tyrant18
Recommendation for foldie in 1k range
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fatsoap 5th Oct 2016 5:06 AM by Astroboy1
Upgrading Groupset for cheap foldie worth it?
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jeebusai 2nd Oct 2016 8:36 PM by jeebusai
Allen Sport Ultra1 or UltraX  Edit  Delete  pisces134 None
Raleigh Mini Velo MV7  Edit  Delete  oakenfoldsg 25th Sep 2016 3:09 PM by zmwang
Lamborghini wheelset  Edit  Delete  Simonpark 24th Sep 2016 8:43 AM by Simonpark
Folding bikes upgrades (CRIUS)
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cycleNcourage 17th Sep 2016 10:54 PM by alvin1788
Java Fit 16 vs Dahon Speed P8 vs Tern D8
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JimmySer 14th Sep 2016 1:48 PM by James021285
Foldie Recommendation  Edit  Delete  haywire- 14th Sep 2016 11:58 AM by SgtJoe86
Polygon Path 2 or Path 3  Edit  Delete  tbong 12th Sep 2016 5:34 PM by tbong
Wheelset Upgrade  Edit  Delete  jemm None
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