Folding, Mini-Velos, Commuter Bikes

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20' foldie for a start, need recommendation  Edit  Delete  advancer 23rd Feb 2017 3:22 PM by advancer
Vintage bicycle rider  Edit  Delete  wingshya None
Decathlon Btwin Hoptown 320  Edit  Delete  advancer None
Merida Crossway 2017  Edit  Delete  benjaminchia 8th Feb 2017 3:02 PM by yapwt
Any City Bike to recommend?  Edit  Delete  jc123 5th Feb 2017 12:42 AM by SnowCrash
Hachiko HA02 or Tern C7  Edit  Delete  Nmcybro 1st Feb 2017 9:35 PM by albatross
Rear hub rubbing noise  Edit  Delete  bryson 23rd Jan 2017 9:45 AM by ulysses_sc
New to foldies, basic questions about tires.
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ultimax_sg 19th Jan 2017 6:14 AM by megaweb23
Worth to buy Foldie from Taobao ?  Edit  Delete  megaweb23 19th Jan 2017 6:11 AM by megaweb23
about fixies
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cycycy 10th Jan 2017 1:44 PM by Fatct
Advice for which foldie to buy (lightweight, easy-folding, can roll after folding)
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teojyci1 27th Dec 2016 11:41 PM by juliet129
Where to get adult tricycle that ferry kids?
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eric_77s 19th Dec 2016 3:37 PM by gerald-yong
Dahon jetstream ex  Edit  Delete  ryanchong 13th Dec 2016 10:52 AM by AphaTM
upgrade/modify Polygon Urbano 5.0  Edit  Delete  arakais None
Advices need for newbie into folding bike  Edit  Delete  zihao10 28th Nov 2016 1:00 PM by tyrant18
Java CR MO 451 rear rack options  Edit  Delete  kezumix 24th Nov 2016 3:58 PM by kezumix
Entry Hybrid bike recommendations
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acat12 22nd Nov 2016 11:39 PM by possimscript
fnhon 20speed foldie from china 77Bike  Edit  Delete  heavenkid 17th Nov 2016 11:07 AM by tyrant18
Budget of $1000, which folding bike to get.  Edit  Delete  heavenkid 3rd Nov 2016 10:28 AM by heavenkid
Building a 11 speed bike  Edit  Delete  slowpoke01 2nd Nov 2016 2:46 PM by Zappadeedoohdah
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