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Specialized Roubaix 2017 : Any owners ?  Edit  Delete  kevin301 None
Roadbike Shoulder and neck pain  Edit  Delete  Cookiemilktea 25th May 2017 11:32 AM by terencetan1978
BMC TeamMachine SLR01 or Pinarello Gan RS or Giant TCR Advance Pro  Edit  Delete  savagedp 23rd May 2017 10:46 PM by albatross
b'twin ultra-700-af road bike or giant contend SL 1 Disc  Edit  Delete  justin.th3t 23rd May 2017 7:09 PM by kevin301
Different year models of bikes  Edit  Delete  ivanlee93 20th May 2017 3:55 PM by skyic3
choosing a all rounder bike  Edit  Delete  leo leong 19th May 2017 9:50 PM by ulysses_sc
NEED HELP CHOOSING STARTER BIKE  Edit  Delete  lambo 16th May 2017 10:27 PM by albatross
Bukit panjang cycling group  Edit  Delete  adammax 12th May 2017 12:18 PM by albatross
Second hand BIG bikes?  Edit  Delete  hendry 10th May 2017 9:51 PM by albatross
Road bike with flat handle-bar questions  Edit  Delete  Sysk 4th May 2017 1:18 PM by SeyKai
My frame (drink holder) screw cross threaded
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Sysk 3rd May 2017 9:37 PM by Sysk
Newbie in road bike  Edit  Delete  clooner79 28th Apr 2017 4:19 PM by delldell314
Can i upgrade my 10 speed bike with Mavic Cosmic SLE tubular Wheelset  Edit  Delete  KSK08 28th Apr 2017 2:55 PM by KSK08
Wheeler bearing replacement  Edit  Delete  yurihahn 26th Apr 2017 9:13 AM by terencetan1978
Standard Ultegra Di2 to Di2 TT?  Edit  Delete  peterich_uk None
Some Beginner's Question on Road Bikes
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cJun1994 19th Apr 2017 2:43 PM by terencetan1978
Piston Racing - Road Wheelsets  Edit  Delete  evanleezs None
Convert Road bike to Flat Bar  Edit  Delete  jeebusai 5th Apr 2017 11:13 AM by SeyKai
DI2 crash mode recovery  Edit  Delete  realmadridist 23rd Mar 2017 1:36 PM by realmadridist
Questions about drive train and chain ring.  Edit  Delete  Azhaar22 14th Mar 2017 10:07 PM by Azhaar22
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