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Looking for opinions  Edit  Delete  ivanlee93 24th Oct 2017 7:59 AM by ivanlee93
700cc wheelset for disc brake?  Edit  Delete  unixys 23rd Oct 2017 7:59 PM by ckboon
Roadbike with Flatbar Recommendation
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hengml 11th Oct 2017 11:41 PM by keong81
4 Best Entry-Level Road Bikes You Can Buy for $1500 in Singapore Now  Edit  Delete  dantan89 None
Anyone has duraAce 9000 BB adaptor?  Edit  Delete  fastfrag1981 None
Which bike for a start?  Edit  Delete  ~s.c.~ 16th Sep 2017 5:01 PM by jc123
<$1k road bike?  Edit  Delete  aaandrewk 15th Sep 2017 4:05 PM by terencetan1978
Rear Disc brakes not gripping
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fastfrag1981 5th Sep 2017 8:35 PM by fastfrag1981
How to check a used road bike?  Edit  Delete  CycleLobang 4th Sep 2017 2:04 PM by terencetan1978
Good fast Alu bike  Edit  Delete  pisces134 4th Sep 2017 11:40 AM by kevin301
First Road bike for fitness ( 1500 SGD range)  Edit  Delete  VDE028 18th Aug 2017 10:27 AM by terencetan1978
Bicycle Mechanics Wanted CANNASIA  Edit  Delete  cannasia_vertex None
Advice on 10 speed cassette setup  Edit  Delete  darkhorse00 30th Jul 2017 10:44 AM by darkhorse00
Surly  Edit  Delete  yokelimyap 24th Jul 2017 3:09 PM by BEE81
Bianchi Specialissima and the Countervails Secret  Edit  Delete  nomadicaffair None
Speedplay aero cleats  Edit  Delete  ongbenghui 18th Jul 2017 10:39 AM by terencetan1978
good cyclocross or adventure bikes below $1500  Edit  Delete  Claudiacherxxr 10th Jul 2017 12:04 AM by pinelights
ridley and merida  Edit  Delete  ivanlee93 9th Jul 2017 2:55 PM by albatross
Measuring In-Seam  Edit  Delete  antiloop 5th Jul 2017 9:44 PM by albatross
Bike Review: Custom Guerciotti Alero S  Edit  Delete  nomadicaffair None
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