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Recommended foldie shops for repairs, parts and modifications OUTSIDE Singapore?  Edit  Delete  hernespan 17th May 2014 5:21 AM by hernespan
Home-grown Coast Cycles launches Singapore-designed bicycle for the fashion conscious urbanite  Edit  Delete  aaronyip 16th May 2014 7:27 AM by keong81
Where to get kick stands like Minoura?  Edit  Delete  gerries 15th May 2014 11:53 AM by Eden-Hazard
Review: Bigfish Line Folding Bicycle  Edit  Delete  Shijielim 13th May 2014 9:45 PM by Zappadeedoohdah
where to buy 451 tubeless tyres  Edit  Delete  puchi None
Hachiko bike - disc break problem. Where to repair ?  Edit  Delete  AroPac 7th May 2014 2:13 PM by Zappadeedoohdah
My experience buying a Flamingo in Singapore  Edit  Delete  hernespan 6th May 2014 1:34 PM by dot1q
Upgrade my TERN D8 Wheel set  Edit  Delete  koonster 5th May 2014 9:00 AM by koonster
Foldie road bike  Edit  Delete  kungfu11 4th May 2014 11:07 PM by Niedermayer
Dahon Archer  Edit  Delete  newie_77 None
Recommendation for Dahon Foldable Bike
[Pages 1 2 ]  Edit  Delete 
tanuki 1st May 2014 7:56 PM by newie_77
Chain drop to lower cassette when push backward  Edit  Delete  cooper888 30th Apr 2014 7:45 AM by rbc1891
Any good bike shops recommendations for foldies upgrades and parts?  Edit  Delete  ryanchong 29th Apr 2014 8:02 PM by hamsterchick
14" foldies query  Edit  Delete  hamsterchick 29th Apr 2014 2:35 PM by hamsterchick
any recommended pedals for folding bikes?  Edit  Delete  livetoride 29th Apr 2014 1:13 AM by junjieroadbikes
vert v8  Edit  Delete  tei22 28th Apr 2014 6:56 PM by tei22
A few foldy variety review from the UK  Edit  Delete  hamsterchick None
Review: Vert V8  Edit  Delete  xngq 22nd Apr 2014 2:05 PM by hamsterchick
Do you really need disc brakes?
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hamsterchick 20th Apr 2014 1:51 PM by joule
Small wheeled bikes spoils your cadence  Edit  Delete  hamsterchick 20th Apr 2014 1:47 PM by joule
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