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Difference between Giant TCR Advanced 2 2010 and Giant TCR advance 2 2019  Edit  Delete  Rains None
Shimano Ultegra R8000 vs Campagnolo Potenza groupset  Edit  Delete  Pani 6th Feb 2019 1:36 PM by Ody_2004
what to buy  Edit  Delete  citius 28th Dec 2018 3:31 AM by pinelights
OCBC 5th Anniversary Singapore/Asia Cyclocross Nationals Open Championship  Edit  Delete  scothall None
Endurace x Roubaix x Domane x Synapse  Edit  Delete  werner 11th Oct 2018 1:38 PM by valentinataylor
11 speed shimano groupset with campy cassette  Edit  Delete  quekhockleong 7th Oct 2018 9:48 PM by quekhockleong
After a road crashing, thinking of wearing DH body armour for road cycling...
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Mankul 24th Sep 2018 7:59 PM by Mankul
Road bike servicing around Punggol area  Edit  Delete  vizz 22nd Sep 2018 3:08 PM by just.ride_punggo
<$200 road bike  Edit  Delete  sd6x 9th Sep 2018 9:49 PM by archcherub
Buying First Road Bike  Edit  Delete  Alvin C 9th Sep 2018 9:47 PM by archcherub
How Often U Change Your Road Tire
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stonely0 18th Sep 2009 11:14 PM by avgk
wobbly campy ultra toque  Edit  Delete  DuoMaxwell 3rd Sep 2018 4:40 PM by ckboon
Looking for 24" road bike wheelset  Edit  Delete  clytietan25 23rd Aug 2018 6:49 AM by pinelights
Canyon Bikes - Asking Buying Tips / Experience
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chubtab 22nd Aug 2018 4:11 PM by spaceact
Over Inflation?  Edit  Delete  Zachxx 2nd Aug 2018 10:23 AM by jhyun
How do you guys opt to clean your Matte finish frames  Edit  Delete  Daez 2nd Jul 2018 5:53 PM by Joni
DI2 Pinarello F10  Edit  Delete  lightstal None
Wheel size fit for Trek Madone 9  Edit  Delete  TheDon 12th Jun 2018 10:06 PM by aaandrewk
Difference between Polygon Helios C500 and 500  Edit  Delete  FrancisLoh 11th Jun 2018 10:05 AM by foxroque
New to Road Bike, Need Some Advise  Edit  Delete  davidcfw 21st May 2018 11:08 AM by foxroque
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