Folding, Mini-Velos, Commuter Bikes

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Where to purchase 22" wheels tires ETRTO (28-451)  Edit  Delete  boharihamen 4th Aug 2014 1:28 PM by terencetan1978
Recommend my 1st foldable bike  Edit  Delete  advancer 3rd Aug 2014 8:33 PM by albatross
Dahon Route  Edit  Delete  advancer 3rd Aug 2014 4:29 PM by advancer
Dahon Mu p9 crank set and BB help  Edit  Delete  Nexleo 1st Aug 2014 12:15 PM by Nexleo
Java decaf-7 or fit 16s???  Edit  Delete  sell_out 31st Jul 2014 2:37 PM by sell_out
Vert V8 or Hachiko HA-10?
[Pages 1 2 ]  Edit  Delete 
advancer 28th Jul 2014 12:57 PM by pisces134
Tern x10 or equivalent?  Edit  Delete  heutistmeintag 27th Jul 2014 12:13 AM by keyven
Java MTB JAVA 26 Fold- 24 Speeds or Montague paratrooper  Edit  Delete  albatross None
tips on how to attach 33.9mm dia seatpost to 25.4 mm dia slot?  Edit  Delete  sell_out 22nd Jul 2014 4:52 PM by sell_out
Child seat for Foldie
[Pages 1 2 ]  Edit  Delete 
Viva 18th Jul 2014 12:58 PM by sell_out
Stand for Hasa M1  Edit  Delete  trekkerAW None
Brompton touch-up paint? Diginexx don't sell so where to buy?  Edit  Delete  keyven 17th Jul 2014 4:50 PM by keyven
Vert v8 vs Java Decaf TT
[Pages 1 2 ]  Edit  Delete 
fickleMe 17th Jul 2014 12:09 PM by sell_out
any suitable rear rack n child seat for mini velo  Edit  Delete  keong81 16th Jul 2014 5:25 PM by sell_out
A platoon of cyclist at the PCN bridge going to Punggol Jetty
[Pages 1 2 ]  Edit  Delete 
hamsterchick 15th Jul 2014 9:16 PM by keyven
High Profile 451 Rim's Sticker  Edit  Delete  theevopig None
Does anyone know the typical chainline for a folding / Mini Velo bike?  Edit  Delete  paullincoln 29th Jun 2014 11:56 PM by paullincoln
Help with choosing a commuter bike!  Edit  Delete  jonoh 26th Jun 2014 2:16 AM by jonoh
which are the better folding bikes which can use 451 wheel sets  Edit  Delete  terencetan1978 23rd Jun 2014 4:46 PM by tmot
blue wall or blue tires  Edit  Delete  marius79 None
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