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16" wheelset  Edit  Delete  Legnano 14th Nov 2014 1:46 PM by Legnano
Any MV recommended for light touring use?  Edit  Delete  keong81 None
How fast can a bike go...???  Edit  Delete  wan130476 None
Dahon Horize (Comparing with Tern D8 & Bickerton 1808)  Edit  Delete  siaoz85 31st Oct 2014 9:24 AM by Helmetbox
Folding bicycle service  Edit  Delete  Crazydrunkbunny1 30th Oct 2014 12:06 AM by photographer
anyone know this foldie BF-08 bufalo  Edit  Delete  andreitsh 27th Oct 2014 2:44 PM by andreitsh
need help on 451 wheel  Edit  Delete  winnywon 23rd Oct 2014 7:13 PM by faiza
Riding to City Hall  Edit  Delete  keong81 20th Oct 2014 11:14 AM by marius79
Dahon Jetstream  Edit  Delete  lukejoel 19th Oct 2014 1:42 PM by albatross
20x1.50 tires  Edit  Delete  Wonsterwon 12th Oct 2014 12:40 PM by albatross
feedback on Valo folding bike from courts  Edit  Delete  sell_out 10th Oct 2014 11:02 PM by hermanchauw
Where could I get a 52t front single crankset n what is a reasonable brand ?  Edit  Delete  Gstarcail 10th Oct 2014 8:10 PM by Gstarcail
NEED HELP ON CASSETTE SIZE....  Edit  Delete  wan130476 7th Oct 2014 8:02 PM by rbc1891
Squeaking sound at the front part of my foldie-how to rectify  Edit  Delete  Gstarcail 2nd Oct 2014 12:25 PM by fatal
New kid on the block..?  Edit  Delete  wan130476 None
Recommendations for Performance Folding Bike for Commute/Recreation
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alantwm 25th Sep 2014 3:35 PM by wan130476
Any experience with Java 16s CL Mini velo
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nojoh1121 24th Sep 2014 10:09 PM by Jiean2004
Litepro Wheelset  Edit  Delete  adriankmf None
Folding bike recommendation + Route suggestion  Edit  Delete  fleaz 23rd Sep 2014 3:34 PM by SGJoe
Can Tern Eclipse P18 Tire be change to a wider width  Edit  Delete  Burner83 22nd Sep 2014 12:10 PM by bikermeow
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