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#TOGOECO Leaderboard Chat

Posted on: 19th Apr 2020 12:59 PM    Quote and Reply


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Posted on: 14th Dec 2019 1:15 AM    Quote and Reply

Hi all, the next Togoparts virtual challenge is open for registration. You can check out the details at

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Posted on: 29th Nov 2019 9:07 PM    Quote and Reply

Looking forward to next Challenge..

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Posted on: 26th Nov 2019 9:34 PM    Quote and Reply

it was fun.

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Posted on: 21st Nov 2019 2:53 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by emacinnes: hi! Any updates on when the challenge results will be announced?"


Hello there, the Togoparts Challenge Team are verifying the data and the achievements. We will surely roll out the final results soonest as possible! In behalf of the whole Togoparts Challenge Team, thank you for supporting #TOGOECO and for being an ECO WARRIOR! 

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Posted on: 23rd Oct 2019 11:53 AM        

Let us hear your thoughts, cheers and anything about TOGOECO here! 
Safe Riding!
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