Subject: HELP! Shipping from UK to Singapore via vpost Europe

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HELP! Shipping from UK to Singapore via vpost Europe

Posted on: 20th Apr 2017 8:19 AM    Quote and Reply

Call them up and ask, the US vpost never liked oversize stuff that couldn't be repacked into the standard sizes but not used the European 1. if not try other freight forwarders. Make sure you claim the VAT back it is something like 20% over there. Should go somecway towards covering the Shipping costs which won't be cheap for an assembled bike.

best option may be to get a cheap flight spend a week Cycling round the countryside or go and watch the tour de Yorkshire and bring it back hand carry. Get something for your money

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Posted on: 19th Apr 2017 4:06 PM        

Hi guys, 

I have recently ordered a roadie from UK and want to use vpost Europe service but I realised they have certain requirements. Dimension must not exceed by 90 cm by 90 cm by 90 cm and actual weight of 30kg .

The bike box of mine is 130 cm by 75 cm by 35 cm which exceeded the length portion only. But the weight is 15kg. 

Do you all have any idea whether vpost will still willing to ship the bike to Sg? Anyone had this experience or problem before? 

Thanks for the help! 
10th Nov 2016
From: Singapore
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