Subject: Heavyweight newbie looking for advice!

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Heavyweight newbie looking for advice!

Posted on: 30th May 2016 12:00 PM    Quote and Reply

Not sure what your budget stretches to :)

My recommendation, if you're riding mainly on pavements and PCN, is to get an aluminium hybrid which has the large diameter wheels (classified 700C) similar to a road bike, and no suspension components at all.

an example of a hybrid I'm referring to - The Giant Escape

My reasons for this recommendation:
1) Without the suspension components, a hybrid is usually much lighter at a similar price point compared with a MTB. This makes it easier for moving about especially if you need to carry it for a short while.
2) Without suspension, the bike is a bit less comfortable, but still quite acceptable for PCN and pavement.
3) The 700C wheels would allow future modifications to even skinnier tyres for additional speed, should that be the intention.

Ultimately you decide what sort of bike you're most interested in :)

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Posted on: 30th May 2016 11:07 AM    Quote and Reply

Thank you so much guys!
Going to get a MTB for sure. No road bikes until I'm super seasoned as a rider.

Now time to go hunting for a cheap 2nd hand MTB!XD

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Posted on: 25th May 2016 11:56 AM    Quote and Reply

u did not state what kinda bike u are planning to get, mountain bike or road. But for starters i would advise mountain as its rugged, tuff and more durable. for weight wise stick to aluminum for the moment. wheels for MTB are all ok with 32 spokes. Only road bike need to be careful if u are getting the high end ones with 16 spokes... recommended 20 to 24 spokes for your weight.

all in all have a good time riding and may u choose a good bike

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Posted on: 24th May 2016 2:04 PM    Quote and Reply


i am heavier then you.. And I ride a polygon xtrada 4.0 2015 model just fine... It's a doubled walled rim... Not sure if that really matters. It's a hardtail mtb with front suspensions. I put my baby on the front baby seat and it Hasn't given me any problems even though there is extra weight loaded. It would be good that you know the original price of the bike before you buy a second hand one. Mine are 27.5 inch wheels. I hope this helps. Wouldn't worry too much Abt the weight issue if it's a mtb. 

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Posted on: 24th May 2016 10:23 AM    Quote and Reply

Unless you are looking at a super light weight racing bike 95kg is not a big deal frame wise same for wheels. If you are looking for something for park connectors leisure fitness only - I would go for  an Aluminium (or steel if budget allows) flat bar road / hybrid type of thing that has clearance for some nice wide tires for comfort, look to spend a bit of extra on a decent comfy saddle and padded cycling shorts. I wouldn't bother with suspension forks or the like.

All of the major brands have that type of thing; Polygon, Trek, Merida, Spesh, Cannondale, Scott, Giant etc I would have a trip to the Vertex go and look round the shops and see what takes your fancy. Polygon and Merida usually offer better bang for the $ in terms of components, even if you end up buying secondhand it is still worth it to get an idea of what you want

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Posted on: 24th May 2016 9:35 AM        

Hi there guys,

This is probably going to be my one and only post until i'm a lot more seasoned in this particular field.

I'm a rather rotund dude, (96kg but only 1.7m), and i'm looking for advice with regards to an entry level bike which hopefully I can start to lose a little weight on, spend less time on the computer etc.

There's so many options on carousell and this market, and I was just wondering if is any guidance I can get from you guys.

So far brand-wise for entry level, the Forum leans towards Trek, Polygon, Trek.
Have not seen much with regards to frame sizes/frame types(alum/steel) that i'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction for. 
Likewise I've seen some guides online telling me that for heavy dudes, wheels are the important thing.

What do you more seasoned riders recommend for heavy dudes like myself, and budget wise for a simple bike what should i prepare for myself?
Looking to buy the bike at the end of the month when le paycheck appears.=)
22nd May 2016
From: Singapore
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