Subject: 5 Reasons why Singapore is not a cycling nation yet -Agree????

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5 Reasons why Singapore is not a cycling nation yet -Agree????

Posted on: 18th Jul 2017 3:25 PM    Quote and Reply

i am agree

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Posted on: 2nd Mar 2017 2:54 PM    Quote and Reply

Cycling as mode of transport is great and infact many times u are faster than mrt and buses. especially you belong to those need to change train and buses to one point.

Cars, etc etc on road mostly think they own the road cause they pay road tax and COE, but they do not know in fact roads is been build with entire nation pple taxs rather than just their portion.

Licience are way too easy to get now cause the basic theory and advance theory no need to study just reach early before test time go for pre test they will give u as many correct ans as possible remember and forget it. that why many urgue on the 1.5m allowance for bicycle space is not in the driving theory cause they never really go read it.

COE and ERP is confirm not a tool for reducing the volume of car buyers.

reason is SG pple complains but they also compiles to it and just commit to it even not required.

as a singaporean and used to drive, i know giving up your car is hard and not comfortable.

our gov knew this is the standard of our pple complain nag and so fore and soon just LL agreed and follows. so why bother miss the chance to get free income from it?

Soon ERP will be bring down and your IU will run like meters drive as you pay our GOV.......

Do what u deem is correct and be responsible on your own actions

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Posted on: 2nd Aug 2016 8:45 AM    Quote and Reply

It will never be a cycling nation.

There're just way too many vehicles on the road. Even there will be cycling lanes everywhere in X number of decades it still won't be nice to cycle among crowds of cars and trucks.

Public transport in this city is one of the best in the world but yet so many people choses to drive cars that are normally 5 times the price compared to what they are in any other countries, why? 
1. Sending kids to schools that are far away from home
2. Long travel distance to work
3. Life style (feeling cool)

While the 1st & 2nd reasons are real needs, the last but not the least reason has something to do with people's mindset of this country and does represent a large chunk of all drivers. Changing people's mindset is always the most difficult task in all countries.

The government has been putting effort to keep the driver population at a optimum level, but that level needs to be reviewed if they hope to promote a greener, healthier, happier cycling nation.

At the same time, putting more focus on improving the quality of neibourhood schools and encouraging a localized employment around living area will help on reducing unecessary travelling. Waste less, be happier.

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Posted on: 1st Jul 2016 11:12 AM    Quote and Reply

yeah, haha

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Posted on: 1st Jan 2016 2:11 PM    Quote and Reply

She may not be aware of the environment here. Unless the car ownership supports our income, it is really a waste to own a car. Many places can be reached by road bike much faster with the peak hour traffic jams. Even the train can be demoralising transport.

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Posted on: 18th Dec 2015 8:44 AM        

This is an open discussion thread for the news 5 Reasons why Singapore is not a cycling nation yet -Agree????

Singapore - National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan said that cycling should not be just a recreational pursuit, but must also be considered as a viable transport option for short trip around Singapore. Though he noted that the cycling was just 1 to 2 percent of transport mode.

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