Subject: Would this bike suffice my needs?:/

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Would this bike suffice my needs?:/

Posted on: 7th Dec 2015 7:52 PM    Quote and Reply

Problem with Aleoca is that they're sold at departmental stores whose staff aren't actually bicycle technicians. I've actually seen an Aleoca with the front fork installed backwards. Quality might be no worse than those at HDB bike shops but at least they do bicycle repair so they know how to assemble the bike properly and you can go back for help if and when something goes wrong.

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Posted on: 7th Dec 2015 1:56 PM    Quote and Reply

bought a 200 dollar market bike, works well

after 1-2 yrs the rear wheel spokes broke, so a replacement was done

tires got cracked so replacement was done

omg I spent about 150 to 200 dollars to keep my 200 dollar market bike running fine

not worth it sia

personally yes, you can try an aleoca but I'll rather go to a hdb bike shop and get a bike from them

at least they are obliged to service it

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Posted on: 7th Dec 2015 2:21 AM    Quote and Reply

I bought a 2nd hand aleoca for $30 and used it for 2 years before realized I was quite serious about cycling. Didn't change much, just plushy saddle and slick tires. Rode to almost every part of sg. Parts began to fail slowly but I changed with cheap ones too. Finally decided on higher quality bike but looking back the aleoca did serve me well

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Posted on: 6th Dec 2015 11:56 PM    Quote and Reply

You would be the nuisance when you start speeding on pavement/PCN. Unless you really trash the bike, the only thing I see falling of the bike is the rider.

Your next bike will be $140 more expensive if you throw the same amount on your first bike. I don't think you can salvage much from the Aleoca brand.

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Posted on: 6th Dec 2015 11:43 PM    Quote and Reply

I really want the 2016 polygon heist 2.0 but I haven't rode a bike in 6 years and need abit of practice. Would it be a good idea to buy that aleoca bike and use it until it starts becoming a  nuisance and then buy a nicer one? I'm just afraid something embarrassing and bad would happen if I use the aleoca bike,especially when I try to ride fast in public. Are there any past records of wheels falling off? Or something happening? 

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Posted on: 5th Dec 2015 11:19 PM        

Hello everyone! 😄 I was wondering whether the aleoca bikes are good for leisure rides. I know that the brand is pretty much one of the worst and the quality you get is the price you pay. However, I don't trust myself in being able to ride the bike consistently and so I don't want to invest in a heavy duty one just yet. But is a $140 aleoca bike good for a 10-30km ride on a smooth road(not a legit road with cars and traffic) with a slope that goes in circles connected to the road be stable enough to last? I'll probably ride an average of 20km a week. It's more of a leisure/endurance/exercise rather than a race or hike. What are your opinions? Is it sturdy enough. How long do you think it would last before it starts to "crumble"? Oh and if you have any suggestions of other bikes please feel free to tell me. I'm looking at a range of 100-170.... As I said...not too high as I don't want to invest so much just yet. Thanks!:)
5th Dec 2015
From: Singapore
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