Subject: The 3 Bs - Birdy/Brompton/Bike Friday

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The 3 Bs - Birdy/Brompton/Bike Friday

Posted on: 7th May 2015 5:08 PM    Quote and Reply

That is indeed a lot of money to spend - but this offer is very good value considering I got mine in early 2014 for $2750 (around there) WITHOUT all the goodies. By the time added the block ($50) and a c-bag ($280), it's more than $3k. In this case I can say none of the "free" items are redundant and should improve your enjoyment and utility.

The new colors are also pretty sweet - particularly the lime green and berry.

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Posted on: 5th May 2015 7:32 PM    Quote and Reply

Not quite 3B comparison & not sure if it's allowed to share here, but I think this Brompton promo makes the local pricing don't look so bad compared to UK:

I looked at the 2nd hand pricing expectation in classifieds here for quite a while, I think this is more worth it - but 2.8k is 2.8k -it's a lot of money for folding bike- so probably in the end wont buy also...but more than ever-I'm considering this Brompton...

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Posted on: 11th Mar 2015 9:47 PM    Quote and Reply

It's not just the Classic per se - the dual suspension will result in some energy loss when you're pumping the pedals.

Birdy is not the only one which offers an entry-level model with low-end components - I guess it's to allow people a "cheaper" alternative without just selling them a frame. I've heard Bike Friday offer plenty of upgrade options on their website, but most of them are actually quite necessary if one wants to end up with a decent bike.

As for Brompton, I think people buy it as much for the fold as for the ride quality - the initial purchase doesn't offer half as many upgrade options as the other two. And many of the parts are not as easily 3rd party customisable as the rest. That means more $ to be spent on Brompton-specific parts as opposed to mass market brands.

Since it's not your only bike, why not try a 2nd hand Birdy (1 or 2 years old) to muck around with? Then join Birdy Bike Club SG and you'll get all the advice you need for managing your bike (or just join it now and ask away). Pretty sure you can find a good deal if you're patient.

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Posted on: 11th Mar 2015 8:05 AM    Quote and Reply

I am really thinking carefully.  After much googling, finally, really finally found a blog on Birdy Classic  

Just a brief note, writer says, the ride is good, comfortable and nimble around city, but may have problem climbing hill, maybe in Sg its climping slope.  The route I take does have very steep slope, so maybe Classic is out for me.  At the end of the blog, he says, there are a couple things that came with the Classic which are not of good quality that needed to be upgraded, the wheel, crank, handlegrip, brakes etc which will probably add another 30% to the cost.  

So, look like Classic is out. So, next level would be the Alivio.  I have yet to find review on Alivio.  But I understand Alivio derailleur, one level above Acera (Classic model) is just an entry MTB level.  Wow! need further upgrade again?  Am I being overly realistic? Pay over $2000 and needed more upgrade, just like Brompton, I have friends upgrading lots of stuff on Brompton, spending over $3000.

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Posted on: 9th Mar 2015 1:01 AM    Quote and Reply

it depends on your use, but think really carefully, cause if u need to upgrade, it will end up incure more costs. 

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Posted on: 27th Feb 2015 11:27 AM        

I'm new here, after googling for a long time, decided to join this forum for a discussion and opinion.  

Husband and myself already have a Tern and Dahon, looking at a 3rd bike for myself.  I had initially wanted a Brompton, but after seeing someone's rusty Brompton and a friends' tarnished Brompton, I changed my mind.  Moreover, the max gear is just 6.  Then I started googling around and found Birdy.  I like that it has both front and rear suspension and read that it is speedier than Brompton, has at least 8 gears depending on model.  

So, my mind was set on a Birdy, but then....when husband's friend heard our intention to get a Birdy, quickly called up to stop us.  Firstly, he said, its hard to fold, secondly, its so dxxx slow.  He still thinks we should either get a Brompton or a Bike Friday, at least a Tikit.  Husband and myself fully trusted this friend's opinion, but then again...I prefer to hear more.

Hope Birdy owner or even non Birdy owner can share why they like or dislike Birdy.  We have yet to test ride the bike cos we haven't had the time to go to Ubi yet, moreover after reading some reviews about the poor service at eWalker, I am kinda put off.  But if the bike is really good, then I'll just put the poor service aside and make a trip down.

Anybody care to share?

27th Feb 2015
From: Singapore
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