Subject: Dahon Horize (Comparing with Tern D8 & Bickerton 1808)

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Dahon Horize (Comparing with Tern D8 & Bickerton 1808)

Posted on: 31st Oct 2014 9:24 AM    Quote and Reply

I think it's black. actually I'm leaning toward junction 1808, I felt that the price is more value for money, given that the handler bar height can be adjusted and the seat is more comfortable and lastly the gear shifter if not those twist type. But I just don't like the color.,haha

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Posted on: 30th Oct 2014 10:06 PM    Quote and Reply

Dahon Horize stock rim is black or silver...? Noticed silver in google but i prefer all black..

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3) Demo 8
Posted on: 30th Oct 2014 2:07 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by albatross: good entry level bike, the only thing i dun like about that bike is the grip twist shifters...prefer the falco to this"

Tried the falco and horize last night. Felt that horize is smoother. For the gear shift, can be replaced under 50 dollars. So not much of issue.  Will want to see other before deciding.   

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Posted on: 26th Oct 2014 1:56 PM    Quote and Reply

good entry level bike, the only thing i dun like about that bike is the grip twist shifters...prefer the falco to this

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Posted on: 26th Oct 2014 12:42 AM    Quote and Reply

I recently bought a Silver Dahon Horize from Dahon Pro Shop. There is a lifetime warranty for frame, fork and handlepost when you register your horize on dahon .com (even though horize is not listed there).

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Posted on: 8th Feb 2014 9:10 AM        

Hi all, was looking for my first foldy in the price range of 700 - 800 where I narrowed down to the Tern Link D8 and Bickerton 1808 (love the looks).

Decided to pay MBS a visit to try out the bikes and decide. I requested for something in the similar range from Dahon and was recommended the Dahon Horize 8 speed.

All 3 bikes were pushed out for me to test ride. Tried the Tern Link D8 and felt that it was filmsy and the SRAM gear changing was bad. Ride feels shaky and did not have the solid feel. Overall feel: 6/10

Then I tried the Bickerton 1808. I felt that the gear change and the feel of the ride was much much better. The Schwalbe Citizen tyres felt damn smooth rolling on the tarred floor and best of all, I am already a sucker for the looks. Overall feel 8/10.

Finally, I tried the Dahon Horize which I was quite skeptical about it as I did not do much research about the models. However, the moment I sat on the bike and rode it, I was so delighted about the feel. The grips felt firm and steady. The ride was similarly sturdy. And OMG, the Altus revoshift gear changing was so accurate and extremely smooth. The only thing I felt that could do better was the tires. The stock Kenda Kwest tires was what I did not like. The thin tires made the ride not as enjoyable and felt a little bumpy. I still prefer the feel of the Schwalbe tires. The feel of the Avid brake levers was solid. Overall feel: 9/10.

I decided to buy the Dahon Horize and felt that tires could be changed but overal feel of the bike from all the other different bike parts could not be changed. Best part, the showed me that there was a matt black version which look so cool. Feel for it immediately and bought it. 

Hope my sharing will help others in making their choice. Please ask me if there is anything you guys want to know. Apparently, the Horize is a new 2014 model and there is not much enlish information about the bike online.   

Current Dahon Horize Owner, please share your expreriences and upgrades if possible.
22nd Jan 2014
From: Singapore
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