Subject: Rant about bike shop bashing and online information.

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Rant about bike shop bashing and online information.

Posted on: 23rd Dec 2016 5:50 PM    Quote and Reply

Where do i find parts for my bike?

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Posted on: 16th May 2016 11:20 PM    Quote and Reply

That is why, theres a saying "early bird catches the early worm" Because XS & L size bikes are pretty uncommon due to average size of an asian which fits to normal S & M size, hence demand for XS and L (dun say XL) already not common..they dun wanna bring lots in and no takers in the end...if u get what i mean

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Posted on: 14th May 2016 3:34 PM    Quote and Reply

Economies of scale - Singapore is a small market, there isn't some huge distributor carrying stock that they can get one from in a couple of days. The bike shops here have virtually zero clout with the manufacturers and have to import themselves including putting up most of the capital - generally they all only import once a year around september october after the new models are announced in July August so May is getting on towards the end of the bike year.

I can also understand why they sell at RRP or above - our LBS's are shipping in 1 or 2 40ft containers of bikes per year as opposed to 100 or 200 as some of the EU or US distributors do. Shipping per unit is much cheaper and the distributor gets a much better deal from the bike manufacturer.

If your willing to pay $200 or $300 for shipping I am pretty sure that Tay or any of the others will get one for you

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Posted on: 14th May 2016 9:41 AM    Quote and Reply

This was my experience when I recently went to Tay Junction Giant Bicycles @ Vertex Ubi. 

When I stepped into the shop, after a while one of the pinoy staff attended to me. I then asked for some recommendation for the Giant Talon mountain bikes within my budget. However, they had mostly already ran out of stocks for the L size and only left with M size. And even so left with very limited stocks. I asked them when will they restock and they said that the new stocks will only arrive end of the year and those are the 2017 edition.

In this case, I wasn't really disappointed about their service quality but rather I was surprised that they had already ran out of stock in May which is not even middle of the year yet. Not sure if its just how they operate or because they are unable to cope with high demand.

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Posted on: 9th Jun 2015 3:08 PM    Quote and Reply

Albatross, thank you for the recommendation. Didnt know there is a bicycle shop in 400+ Jurong West. I shall head to 7th Bike Garage.

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Posted on: 16th Dec 2005 2:34 AM        

We've all seen and know why togoparts discourages the online bashing of bike shops and how many "newer" cyclists esepcially want to clamour for more "power" to the consumer.

This will never stop IMHO, but to many newbie cyclists and the younger generation, I have this to say.

Do not expect the forums or any other online portal for that matter to spoon feed each and every one of you with detailed information about prices. We've been in an era where there's NO internet, NO emails, NO forums, NO mobile phones, NO SMS. About the ONLY technology available to us was either to call them on the PHONE and actually visiting them.

We built up relationships with LBSs the good old way with sincerity and friendliness that goes both ways. We appreciate the efforts of bicycle shop owners, distributors and the likes for without them, we wouldn't be able to get imported brands into Singapore.

Understand why sometimes prices CANNOT be lowered. If you've been abroad, you'll learn that the prices here are already very low indeed. Just because you've bought something that costs a few pennies less at another shop doesn't mean that you've been conned out of your life savings. Remember that different shops in different venues have different overheads.

When bikeshops bend over backwards to offer you a great deal on older models, appreciate the effort and continue to support them on a long term basis and you'll find yourself getting more and more good prices in the future.

Websites and forums such as togoparts (and others) have been abused and maniuplated sometimes to cause conflicts and misunderstandings not only among the cycling community but amongst different LBSs as well.

Please understand that while there is a voice for riders on forums, it can be easily turned into a malicious assault on innocent parties involved. A simple post about where you got this at $x just to "convince" a retailer that he has to match it isn't any more ethical than a ECP bike rental place trying to sell you a cheng sin tube for $12 because yours punctured.

Do understand that both LBS and cyclists NEED each other's support to the continued existent of the sport we treasure and love. Let's be nice to one another and keep this delicate balance in check shall we?

Remember, Emails, faxes, posts, SMSes, phone conversations and etc CANNOT EVER replace a HANDSHAKE after a great deal has been closed

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