Subject: Cycling in perth

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Cycling in perth

Posted on: 22nd Nov 2013 8:23 PM    Quote and Reply

I have arrived and had cycled twice once to murdoch railway by highway. Luckily some kind cyclist helped me carry my bike over to the cycling lane and advise me to use south st.

2nd ride was from fraser to fremantle. It was nice going there but coming back was 73m elevation. Omg the head wind n side wind was crazy.

now planning the third ride. Still i cant find any cycling group. I went to bike force to ask but dun have. 

anyone can advise?
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Posted on: 6th Nov 2013 11:38 PM    Quote and Reply

Good idea to make sure your bike and shoes are clean of mud and dirt.  Customs checks are quite strict there.

Some of the roads there are not as smooth as what we are used to here especially the further out onto the country roads you go.  I brought Continental GranPrix tyres there but had to get Gatorskins eventually.

Keep to the left-hand side when on the shared running-bike paths.

Apply sunscreen lotion.  You may not feel the heat cos its dry but the sun is more intense there. 

Most importantly..enjoy the fresh air there

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Posted on: 6th Nov 2013 9:21 AM    Quote and Reply

What a bummer! I'm headed to Singapore over the exact dates! Except that I'd be in Sydney on the 2nd. I wouldn't be able to meet up with you then mate, but I could introduce you to a few shop rides that you could join. They have various groups, depending on your fitness level and whether or not you want to go on an all-out smashfest or just a fun ride.

AvantiPlus Cannington has a good shop ride on Saturday mornings 6am from the store along Albany Highway.

Otherwise, you could always hit the bike path up the Kwinana Freeway and jump onto the wheels of any group that's going up north.

With regard to the weather - the sun WILL burn. The overall temperature may look lower, but it burns a lot more under the sun. You'll want some sunscreen. Weather the past few days has been a little crazy with days being hot then others cold.

Regarding insurance, it's always great to insure your stuff just in case they get damaged or go missing while flying. Cheers! 

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Posted on: 5th Nov 2013 1:59 PM    Quote and Reply

hi, i have checked with jetstar the bike case is allowed. I also brought extra of 20kg on top of my 10kg. i hope my bike doesnt break lol

"Formerly posted by NightOwl: Please check with your airline in advance to ensure that you can check in a bag of that size. It would be a good start if the bag is manually carried away at the check-in counter. Keep your fingers crossed if it went into the baggage grinder.

There is no guarantee that baggage handlers won't toss the bag. So, line the internal of the bag with two layers of bubble wrap before you place the bike frame. Restrain the fork, crank arms, bundle the movable or loose parts with bubble wraps and fill up the void spaces with bubble wrap. Make sure nothing move freely inside the bag when it is closed.

Tyres must be relatively clean if you are worried about scratches. It's summer time, so weather downunder in Perth is similar to SG, slightly cooler, minus the rain and humidity."
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Posted on: 5th Nov 2013 1:56 PM    Quote and Reply

hi, thx for the reply i am coming on the 18th nov till 2nd dec

"Formerly posted by lastwheel: hey superek_4,
an evoc bag should be fine. your bike will be checked in under odd-sized baggage. i highly recommend you get some insurance to cover your bike, especially when you travel. a few things to remember when you travel by air with your bike:

1. deflate and clean your tyres
2. remove pedals and secure the bike in the box well
3. co2 canninsters are not allowed (even in checked in baggage)

weather wise, it's been pretty windy recently. we've been getting winds of up to 80km/h in recent days, making riding a little bit more challenging out there. other than that, the weather has been sunny for the most part. we're breaking into summer and if you're gonna come later this month or next, temperatures will be soaring into the high 30's.

we've got bike lanes most of the places and the drivers are generally courteous to cyclists, though you still have to check while you ride.

when do you plan to head down here? :) "
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Posted on: 2nd Nov 2013 7:37 PM        

Hi guys, I am going perth this nov for holiday. i was thinking to bring my roadie to have a experience riding overseas. Is this anything i need to be awared of? Any interest group there? I will be at fraser road north canningvale.thx guys.
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