Subject: Any recommendations for road bike helmets?

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Any recommendations for road bike helmets?

Posted on: 15th Sep 2018 11:20 PM    Quote and Reply

How about Bontrager Circuit MIPS? I'm using one.

Have a safe & enjoyable ride!

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Posted on: 13th Dec 2015 10:56 PM    Quote and Reply

You might want to try buying from this online store

i got 2 helmets from there, got it 40-50% sale, plus the delivery charge and it is still cheaper than getting it from store.

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Posted on: 13th Dec 2015 8:13 PM    Quote and Reply

I love this - - probably not suitable for a bike, but I still want it lol

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Posted on: 12th Nov 2012 3:36 PM    Quote and Reply

Personally feel Giro Indicator is the most value for money, got it from Bike Link Trading at Yishun.

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Posted on: 10th Nov 2012 5:13 PM    Quote and Reply

"Formerly posted by kmax:
"Formerly posted by rbc1891: Anyone with knowledge how much help the aero helmet can improve average/maximum speed cycling with the road junctions/traffic around here? I am musing if 40km/H can become 42km/H with the road junctions, slip roads, traffic, here."

there's two parts of answers for your question..

1) aero helmet vs normal helmet

2) and junction / traffic.

for 1) aero vs road helmet, time saved is 30-60 seconds for every hour of riding.

  • Sprint triathlons – 15-30 seconds

  • Olympic distance triathlons – 30-60 seconds

  • Half Ironman Distance triathlons – 1.5 to 2.5 minutes

  • Ironman Distance triathlons – 3-5 minutes

2) above data is from race or continuous riding.
with traffic/junction... we have not seen anyone with aero helmet in town yet.
unless rider is someone like yourself seasoned pro.
may be you should start first... aerohelmet and bell on aero bars..


Many thanks for sharing with us. But I am not seasoned pro (salt, spices...added). Ventilation in our climate/weather need to be considered. May get fever before the end of the trip/race?

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Posted on: 7th Mar 2012 11:54 PM        

Hi, i'm desperately looking for a road bike helmet, planning to go hunt for one tomorrow. So far am looking at Giro or Limar. Anyone knows which shop sell road helmet? though of going to Treknology at Tanglin tomorrow to look for Giro, not very sure whether they carry Giro, juz though of trying my luck, anyone here knows?
Anyone got any other brand recommendation do let me know and let me know which shop i can get them at. thanks alot..
Happy cycling.. 
27th Feb 2012
From: Singapore
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